Cake – Part 2 of an occasional series: The Vegan Bakery. Yum!

Ok – so I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian, although I used to be (it’s all about provenance these days…do keep up!) and I have plenty of veggie or vegan friends.  I’m always on the look-out for things that might make their visit to Barcelona a bit less – well – lettuce oriented.

Step forward The Vegan Bakery on c/Allada Vermell:

All their cakes are made with various goodies like soya milk and algae proteins (OK, sounds less than appetising, but have you ever REALLY thought about what milk and eggs are?) so no animal products at all, and they look SO PRETTY!

The service is delightful, and there is a little space to sit and enjoy your cake with a coffee or juice:



However, I’ve heard tell that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so allow me:

Packaging: recycled and recyclable. Even better – reusable. I’m keeping mine for when I go back for seconds!

Undressing my cakes. Don’t they look seductive?

Opinion on the chocolate brownie? Soft, firm, moist…I’ll just leave it there, shall ?

Verdict on cupcake: (eaten for morning coffee the next day). Well to be honest I’m not a huge fan of cupcakes as the pile of butter cream on them is usually overwhelming and frequently a bit slimy (couldn’t think of a better word!). This one does have slightly more icing than it needs in my opinion, but it was fairly light with a gentle flavour. The cake was more like a tiny muffin in texture, was not sickly sweet like many cupcakes and had a flavour that genuinely seemed to come from the blueberries and not from some chemical plant in Sabadell.

On balance, I’ll be back and heartily recommending this to all cake fans, vegan or not.

They have an internet ordering service and will do catering to order too – great idea for those upcoming parties over the next few months. Check them out in the shop (Allada Vermell 19, opposite the Black Horse pub) or online:

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