La Hamaca – locally grown fruit and vegetables

I stumbled across this place when I called into the Xarxa Consum yesterday. It’s been open for two months and is part of the Barcelona ‘km0‘ (Kilometre Zero) slow food movement:

All the produce comes from local co-operatives, and each basket of fruit or veg is labelled with the name of the farm it came from:

Obviously only seasonal fruit and veg – better for you, and makes you a bit more creative about your cooking!
As well as the fruit and veg for sale there are a few bits like jams, olive oil etc, and they make fresh juices too.

I was tempted by the rather fabulous looking cakes including this apple cake. Next time…

Even better, it’s not ridiculously overpriced – cheaper than buying in Santa Caterina market. All this came to 2.80:

‘La Hamaca’ – Pl Sant Agusti Vell 15 (next to the Comerc Just Xarxa Consum shop).

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1 Response to La Hamaca – locally grown fruit and vegetables

  1. Sandra Ortega Sanchez says:

    Somos Gonzalo y Sandra, esos “locos” que abrimos un negocio en plena crisis… Ver que hay gente a la que le gusta lo que hacemos y que valora el proyecto que hemos iniciado nos llena no sólo de alegría sino que nos inyecta más motivación si cabe para seguir con una Hamaca cada día más viva. Gracias por compartir con los demás lo que te sugirió nuestro pequeño rincón de fruta, verdura y zumos.

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