Papers Coma – get your printing and binding done here.

I just want to briefly raise the profile of Papers Coma again – they really are a fantastic place to do business. I just had to get some reasonably complex printing and binding done. It was done promptly and efficiently with a smile – when I was in a rush they said they’d hang on to it until the morning when I could come in and pay. Because I was doing quite a high volume they even reduced the price by 1 cent per page.

About 10000000 times better than when I tried to get the same thing done at the dreary, impersonal and expensive Workcenter. Seriously, if you need anything from professional binding to photocopying, this is the place to come.


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I sometimes write about things that interest or inspire me, and that I think might interest and inspire other people. I prefer blogs as a medium (rather than Medium, Twitter, Instagram etc) partly because of the longer format but mostly because of the ability to hyperlink to other interesting and useful sources, which to me seems more true to the 'spirit of the internet' than proprietary sites that try their hardest to keep you within their own domain. Comments welcome.
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