Locally brewed beer in Gracia

We like beer. We like people who make beer. Which is why we like La Cervesera Artesana in Gracia, one of the few microbreweries in Barcelona.

It’s a little place, tucked away on a sidestreet off Corsega, but always seems busy, even when I’m not just there to watch the football, and rightly so. The  head brewer has been brewing for 10 years, and all the staff are well-informed about their products and happy to recommend and even provide tasters if you are not sure what to go for.

As well as the beer there is an assortment of tapas ranging from the bar-food standards croquetas and chicken drumsticks to the slightly more alarming (for us anglo-saxon types) ‘capi pota’ and callos (tripe).

There are various styles of beer. Dr DTS favours the honey beer while I prefer the more straightforward Toasted (IPA where I stands for Iberia) or the Rubia. Rather splendidly it’s brewed onsite so you can peer through the windows at the kettles where the beer is percolating away (or fermenting, or whatever the techincal term is!):

Given the pre-ponderance of mass-produced, chemically beers in Barcelona it’s a real joy to see a microbrewery doing so well – show them some love!

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I sometimes write about things that interest or inspire me, and that I think might interest and inspire other people. I prefer blogs as a medium (rather than Medium, Twitter, Instagram etc) partly because of the longer format but mostly because of the ability to hyperlink to other interesting and useful sources, which to me seems more true to the 'spirit of the internet' than proprietary sites that try their hardest to keep you within their own domain. Comments welcome.
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2 Responses to Locally brewed beer in Gracia

  1. butterytoast says:

    I’ve wanted to go this place for ages but never seem to have made it there when I’ve had my beer loving make friends over from the UK. I didn’t realise they brewed on site. Big thumbs up to them for this and I agree, give them your support. I will make sure I get up there as soon as I can.

  2. Great! Glad to have inspired you! Get yourself down there – hope you enjoy it.

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