Local Shops for Local People – Sant Pere and the Born #2 – ‘Espai Verd’

Espai Verd is at 31 c/Princesa, past c/Montcada as you head away from via Laietana.

It’s a lovely spacious shop with a fantastic range of products – groceries, gifts, cosmetics etc. You can browse quite comfortably without feeling as if you have to buy something as you are the only person in the shop!

A nice touch is that they have a mirror /vanity table set up next to the cosmetics, so if you buy a new lippy you can put it on straight away!

Look at all the brightly coloured stuff!

This will definitely be my first port of call when I’m looking for meat alternatives for dinner parties, and handily there is a good selection of wines (more about organic wines another time!) as well. Oh, and my favourite Cal Valls juices – *definitely* more about them very soon!

Unfortuately although they have been here for a couple of years, their web site isn’t up to much. Still, if you live nearby or are passing, definitely worth a visit.


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