More ‘friendly’ cleaning products:

I wrote about the fabulous Lympha brand of eco-friendly, fair trade cleaning products here, however more recently while researching the post on local independent shops selling ethical products I discovered that my most local of locals actually stocks a different brand – ‘Sonett’.

Sonnett are a Germany-based brand. They don’t have their own distribution network so they work with local partners. In Spain they have an on-line partner Bio-Bio, although there is no list of retail stockists – you just have to check out what your local shop sells, and ask them about it. In the UK they work with Greenfibres, a West Country UK-based company that otherwise sells a range of fabrics and fabric-based products using organic and fair-trade textiles.

The Sonett range is really broad, with laundry detergents, household cleaning products, soaps and even dishwasher detergents. Their approach is ‘modular’ in that you buy laundry-detergent, softener and whitening agents separately – this allows you to combine doses at the amounts you need rather than the quantities put together by the manufacturer. A clever idea if you don’t mind taking the 10 seconds extra to consult the recommended dosage chart and add your ingredients accordingly!

Sonett laundry detergent on it’s own has worked for me so far on mixed, lightly soiled laundry. It is runny not gloopy, so be careful when pouring. It has a faint herby smell…rosemary or lavender or something; they also do an entire ‘neutral’, scent-free range which I intend to try out on Dr DTS. I’m also planning to experiment with the whitening agents later this week, on some of my white clothes that are distinctly yellow-stained through a mixture of dirt, suncream and sweat. Gotta love those Barcelona summers!

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This year I have decided to be a bit more thoughtful about my shopping. Firstly I'm going to buy less - only what I need, which means planning meals and buying accordingly. Secondly I am going to try to buy only from independent shops, and preferably fair trade goods and organic where possible. I hope that this means I will have more interesting shopping experiences than simply ordering on-line from the supermarket, especially here in Barcelona. If I can help to support small businesses and independent shops then all the better. This blog is my record of my adventures.
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